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Angelous LiaMpawe

the bushman in the KALABAS

LiaMpawe a second generation "Mtafiti" (music researcher) plays tanzanian music inspired by ethnic songs.

From his CD "Fukua Ngoma" recorded in a studio in Muscat (Oman) where he makes a living, and in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) you can listen to two demos, the title song Fukua Ngoma and Pango Sugu.

Download Free MP3 demo (2:04)


Download Free MP3 demo (1:10)



The titles on the CD "Fukua Ngoma"(2006) include;

1. Fukua Ngoma

2. Zimbwale

3. Unakera

4. Papara

5. Nuru ya Penzi

6. Tinginya

7. Mzee Kabuku

8. Kazila

9. Pango Sugu