Hadzabe Music Samples
The Hadzabe

Some scientist claim (though not supported by others) that the Hadzabe are among the last relatives of the original inhabitants of what is now called Tanzania.

There are said to be only 1,000 Hadzabe left, a gatherers and hunters society who soon will have to give up their traditional lifestyle north of Lake Eyasi in Serengeti Plains, due to reduced numbers of game and the demands of a globalizing Tanzania Society. Already well-known by tourist like their neighbouring Masai, it seems too late for the Hadzabe to reformulate like their neighbours do, their culture in a changing society.

The music samples reflect the typical gatherers and hunters music where the vocals ressemble the "Tiroler" music tradition in Europe also known from other gatherer and hunter groups. While the last sample sounds like Masai or at least seems very much inspired by Masai traditional music.

Downloaded from the internet in 2006