38 (Three Eight) Tatunane in Swahili was the successor of Watafiti with four members forming the new group in 1989. 
The MAPET song was composed for WASTE a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) introducing small equipment for waste disposal in Dar es Salaam. The equipment was designed for areas not reachable for motorized waste tanks. This background explains the lyrics of the song which is based on the Mdundiko Dance popular among the Wazaramo tribe. This ethnic group was the predominant group at the time Dar es Salaam was constructed in the late 19th century. And processsions of children dancing on the carnaval like rythm can still be seen in the sub-burbs
Recorded at Orkater Studio (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) in 1990 (Maddy, Teddy, Charles, Abdulah, Seifu, Mwajuma)