Watoto Wetu with a driving south african beat was representing the danceable music of TX Seleleka. Although all songs are a bit long for western taste, the build up of the slow intros with, halfway the change of tempo, making everybody rush for the dance floor, was a "must" for any thing which wants to be called Muziki wa Dansi during those years.

In the absence of anything close to Blues in the music taste of Tanzanians it is also interesting to note the heartbraking text in combination with the festive upbeat tempo of the music.

The song is recorded in mono


Recorded at TFC Studio in Dar es Salaam (presently Cine Club) in 1986


John Kitime Lead guitar
Hashim Kassanga Bass guitar, Congas
Samson Anania Drums
Mpelly Swebe Bass Guitar
Ally Rahsku Rythm Guitar
Kik van den Heuvel Keyboard