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"WATAFITI" is a unique collection of Tanzanian Musicians from various bands in Dar es Salaam. They met each other in a musical research group in May 1987 with the help of funds for cultural activities from the Netherlands Government. The aim of the group is to develop and promote Modern Tanzanian Music based on the wide variety of traditional music in the country. (Excerpt of cover of first and last CD "Umoja" distributed by KOCH International under number CD 322 414 F1, but out of stock)


Abraham Kapinga Lead guitar
Carolla Kinasha vocals
Chimwemwe Dave Marama Lead and rythm guitar
Teddy Mbarak Bass guitar, keyboard
Charles Mhuto Drums
Ibrahim Mtumwa Drums
Omari Naliene Bamboo flute, kalimba, marimba
Abdullah Omari African drums and congas
Ali Rahsku Rythm guitar
Marijani Rajabu Vocals
Kik van den Heuvel Keyboard
The interest in the work of the music research group eventually resulted in the formation of the group "Tatunane" (1989). The latter group has been dissolved after some ten years. Several similar groups have mushroomed in Tanzania with the same intentions as WATAFATI. 

However, the successor of "WATAFITI" and "TATUNANE" is still to come

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